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Here at H&M Photography, we focus on providing event, portrait, and art/design photography that will bring forth memories for generations to come. Photography is an art that brings a feeling of serenity and as you browse through the photographs on this site we hope that you will have the same feeling we do. If you have questions about any of the photographs shown here feel free to contact us. 

For years, Robbie ran a Hammond Photography and Nicholas ran MacDCowboy Photography that morphed into Rocking Mac Photography. Today, to better serve our clients, we have decided to join forces to create H&M Photography.

Robbie Hammond

Robbie has had a love for the finest details in life for as long as he can remember. He strives to find the most interesting details in life and showcase it in a portrait. 


Born in Blue Hill, Maine 1992

Robbie has had a love for photography for years. His love for photography started long ago with his mother photographing every moment of his life. This love grew to the point of studying photography and purchasing his first DSLR. This is where his love of photography really took off. He started out with a few senior photos and his portfolio has exploded from there.

Nicholas MacDonald

In his work, Nicholas D. MacDonald touches the sky, the earth, and human nature through photography. 


Born in Farmington, Maine 1988


2008-2011 Studied at Bob Jones University, SC


Photography is an amazing form of art that only some have the natural knack for. Nicholas found his love for photography when his parents gave him his first film camera. He thought this was the greatest thing and once he moved to digital the opportunities were endless. He has had a happy trigger finger for years. This has been a great hobby and now he would like to share some of my collection with the world.


Solo Exhibitions 

- Darlington, WI Lafayette County Fair Award of  Merit & Best of Show Trophy 2009
- Darlington, WI Lafayette County Fair Award of Merit 2010
- Bob Jones University's Mid-Year Art Contest, Fall 2010
- Bob Jones University's Commencement Contest, Spring 2011


For more information on Nicholas MacDonald visit

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